Motor Vehicle Collisions

car-accidentAuto injuries reach beyond physical pain, we work to get you back on your feet.

Jason has handled hundreds of motor vehicle collision claims. The majority occurred in Oregon, and he has represented clients in Washington since 2000.

Jason personally prepares all demand letters and all pleadings.  He visits the collision scene, works with private investigators, and meets with family and friends.  When cases go to trial or arbitration, we work with witnesses, medical experts, and others to coordinate evidence and testimony.

Good medical treatment is as important as good legal representation.  We follow your care and, when necessary, help you communicate with your medical professionals.  We facilitate the payments of medical bills and work with billing offices to keep your credit clean.

The damages that auto injuries cause reach beyond physical pain.  There is genuine heartache that comes when you no longer can cook for your children, when you fear that your home will be lost, or when you grieve for a lost retirement plan.

Still, we work to get you back on your feet. Just as your medical bills and wage losses should be paid, your medical needs addressed, and your pain and suffering acknowledged, you should have as bright a future as possible.

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"I was injured in a car accident a couple of years ago -- rear ended by two other vehicles.  Jason Posner was an invaluable help in assisting me to work through much pain, doctor's records, and the insurance claim. Jason is honest, trustworthy, and my father, Frank Homer Pozzi, would not have done a better job of representing me."

- Tamara Pozzi, daughter of trial attorney Frank Pozzi