Unsafe Premises

The success or failure of premises liability claims rests on good investigative work and attention to detail.

A premises liability claim occurs when you are injured on the property of another. Although there are many types of premises liability injuries, people consider “slip-and-fall” and “trip-and-fall” injuries to be the most commonly occurring.

“Slip-and-fall” injuries are those that occur when, not surprisingly, people slip on an dangerous, low friction substance like water, oil, grease, soap, or ice.

“Trip-and-fall” injuries are those that occur when people trip over unsafe and uneven surfaces.   One of the most preventable and sad type of trip-and-fall situations occurs when someone steps in a hole that is covered by leaves, a rug, a cardboard sheet, or dry rot.

The success or failure of premises liability claims rests on good investigative work and attention to detail. We know that triumph comes with the discovery and analysis of incident reports, safety manuals & reports, witness testimony, videotapes, weather conditions, policy manuals, building & construction codes, warnings, and disclaimers. We know that working with private investigators can make all the difference.

In premises liability cases, the law gives some injured folks greater protection than others.  For instance, the law (understandably) offers very few protections to those who injure themselves while knowingly trespassing on another’s private property.  On the other hand, there are companies that eagerly invite individuals into their stores and businesses.  The law offers more protections to those who are injured, through no fault of their own, while on such property.

As always, good medical treatment is as important as good legal representation.  We follow your care and when necessary, we help you communicate with your medical professionals.  We facilitate the payments of medical bills and work with billing offices to keep your credit clean.

Just as your medical bills and wage losses should be paid, your medical needs addressed, and your pain and suffering acknowledged, you should have as bright a future as possible.  We work to get you back on your feet.

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"....your referral to Jason Posner was a huge help.  As dramatic as it may sound, I don't know what I would have done without his counsel and all around patience for, what was, one of the more complicated and headache inducing cases that could have come up.  Simply said, he was a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with."

- Ashley Blake, Portland (Personal Injury Client)